BCS REORG While Active (BCS-RWA)

BCS Group’s REORG While Active (BCS-RWA) allows you to reorganize IBM i files without locking records as they are being moved.  Adding scheduling control and frequency ability as never before. Reorganize files while your users are active.

BCS-RWA is designed to remove the stress of managing your dynamic IBM i environment. It is one of the most comprehensive and practical software tools needed by System Administrators because of the growing demand for IBM i storage and performance control.

Unlike the IBM RGZPFM command, BCS-RWA provides more flexibility and control of managing your files.

Get Your IBM i Space Back

Files that contain deleted records should be reorganized periodically. This frees up wasted space, but more importantly it makes database processing more efficient.

BCS-RWA Benefits:
  • Free up wasted space
  • Reorgs can run almost anytime
  • Reorg files in increments or schedule for convenience
  • Throttle capability to process more records per second, or throttle back to process less records,
    as your resources allow
  • Stop and Restart the process real-time, or with scheduled jobs, or in your production processes
  • Recover Deleted Spaces
  • Manage access path maintenance
  • And more………

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