About Us

About Us

Business Continuity Specialists Group

We, at BCS Group, have been providing outstanding, reliable business continuity and disaster recovery services to our clientele for over twenty years. Our staff has a combined total of well over a hundred years of disaster recovery and high availability experience. Let us help you design and implement a data protection strategy for your business that will give you a competitive advantage. In today’s market, it is not only essential that your data is backed up and secure but ensuring that it is available to your customers and agents at all times has become mission critical for many industries. Protect your infrastructure, ideas, and investment by calling BCS Group today. You can’t afford not to.

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BCS Group Goes Green

At BCS Group, we prioritize responsible stewardship of our planet in every aspect of our business. Initially, we followed industry standards for service delivery, which involved extensive travel for our technical staff. This resulted in significant carbon emissions and wastage of resources. While we offset our carbon use through reforestation and sustainable energy projects, we recognized the need to further reduce our environmental impact. Our solution, now widely adopted in our industry, is conducting all business remotely. This has improved customer service, increased efficiency, and reduced our carbon footprint. We have also implemented eco-friendly practices such as using recycled paper and digitally signing documents. Additionally, we actively support various carbon-offset campaigns and environmental organizations. While we have made significant progress, we continue to explore more efficient and sustainable practices to protect our planet.

Partner With Us

BCS Group is on the lookout for exemplary partners who demonstrate a robust track record of market experience, exceptional product quality, and outstanding customer service. Companies that align with our high standards and commitment to innovation are ideal candidates for collaboration. We are particularly interested in partnerships that complement and enhance our suite of services:
IBM i High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions: Collaborate with us to bring top-tier resilience and business continuity services to our clients.
Heterogeneous Replication: Partner with us to offer versatile replication services, including from or to IBM i systems, underpinning a robust data protection strategy.
Cloud Hosting for IBM i: Join forces with us to provide secure, scalable, and reliable cloud hosting solutions tailored for IBM i environments.
IBM i Hardware Consulting Services: Work with BCS Group to deliver expert consulting services, ensuring our clients have the optimal hardware solutions for their business needs.
Security and Enterprise Solutions: Help us reinforce businesses with state-of-the-art security protocols and enterprise-level solutions that protect and propel business operations.

At BCS Group, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation and success. If your company meets our high standards and is eager to craft enduring, mutually beneficial relationships, we invite you to reach out to discuss potential partnership opportunities. Together, let’s set new standards in technology and customer satisfaction.