Business Continuity Specialists Group – About Us

We, at BCS Group, have been providing outstanding, reliable business continuity and disaster recovery services to our clientele for over twenty years. Our staff has a combined total of well over sixty years of disaster recovery and high availability experience. Let us help you design and implement a data protection strategy for your business that will give you a competitive advantage. In today’s market, it is not only essential that your data is backed up and secure but ensuring that it is available to your customers and agents at all times has become mission critical for many industries. Protect your infrastructure, ideas, and investment by calling BCS Group today. You can’t afford not to.

Our knowledgeable and friendly support representatives provide top-rated customer service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year through our toll-free support line. We do not outsource any of our technical support so you can rest assured that when you call you will reach a product expert who can handle the majority of issues you may have immediately. We are never closed.

Using our innovative strategy of proactive maintenance, system management assistance, and proactive design we can help save you time and money by developing strategies to overcome issues and errors before they happen as well as helping you recover from them in the aftermath of a disaster. We provide immediate remote support for optimal and efficient solutions to any outage situation. Our goal is to predict changing needs and prepare for them before a problem arises. We design business continuity solutions for your enterprise that allow you to grow with ease, stability, and, best of all, peace of mind.

Business Continuity Specialists Group, LLC is the North American distributor of Quick-EDD, a robust and cost effective High Availability and Disaster Recovery solution from Precisely. With the Quick-line of software BCS Group, LLC enables companies to keep their data safe and minimize planned and unplanned downtime while keeping IT costs manageable.

With more than 40 years of combined experience providing High Availability solutions, BCS Group, LLC provides a powerful, economical set of applications for IBM i environments to suit most every customers needs. Our core product, Quick-EDD/HA, helps ensure business continuity by replicating data in real time from a production server to a recovery server, thus approaching 24×7 service access to data. Companies can quickly failover to a backup system or remote location in the event of a primary site outage in less time than it takes most companies to make the decision to roll swap. BCS Group can slash failover time compared to traditional, tape-based solutions, providing faster access to critical data and less interruption of service. And the ease of use of the Quick-EDD/HA solution enables even businesses with limited IT staffs to benefit from a high availability environment. Quick-EDD only takes minutes to manage each day, allowing system administrators to focus on other business activities, and can notify you of any urgent situations.

To curb the cost of data transmission to remote sites, Quick-EDD/HA provides built-in de-duplication and compression technologies designed to dramatically reduce bandwidth requirements. Bandwidth reductions ranging from 50 percent to 90 percent are commonplace, depending on the customer’s applications without requiring any hardware compression devices and built-in data encryption is a basic feature of Quick-EDD.

Quick-EDD/HA, through the use of command level scripting, also makes role swaps fast and easy while allowing administrators to have control over the process including full pause and play functionality.

In addition, BCS Group also offers Connect CDC for replication between IBM System i servers and heterogeneous databases.

BCS Group Offices

BCS Group’s Corporate and Remote Management Offices are located outside of Nashville, TN with co-location centers scattered around the country. Our main sales office is located in Charlotte, NC with satellite offices in multiple locations. You can reach our Corporate Offices at 731-925-1597, and our Technical Support Team is available 27/7-365 at our toll free number 1-877-354-5491.