BCS Migrate While Active(BCS-MWA)


“Migration” Defined

The term “migration”, as understood by most IBM i professionals, refers to the process of moving data and applications from one server to another, whether in the same data center or geographically displaced. Regardless of how the IBM i is used by your business, most every migration project has one common goal: to minimize user and application downtime, and successfully migrate production services from the old hardware over to the new.

How BCS Eliminates Migration Stress & Risk

By simplifying the process with the high-availability, replication software, Assure Quick-EDD/HA, BCS Group’s skilled professionals are available to assist with any System i Migration, optionally in tandem with an Operating System upgrade, reducing traditional downtime and overall associated costs.

Whether or not you currently have a Quick-EDD/HA implementation, BCS can provide licensing, software installation, and project management services to suit your needs. Migrate While Active projects typically last 30 days or less, depending on overall complexity and testing requirements.

BCS-MWA Benefits:


With over a combined 60 years of experience and working knowledge of the IBM i, BCS’s dedicated team is ready to help with any system migration challenge no matter how complex. We have compiled migration and replication best practices from many third-party IBM i software vendors that are regularly encountered on customer systems. Contact us anytime to explore the BCS-MWA offering. Demonstrations are available upon request!