Quick EDD

Simple, Efficient, Complete HA/DR for IBM i

Assure QuickEDD HA is a full-featured high availability and disaster recovery solution designed to protect critical IBM i applications and data from loss and downtime simply and efficiently. Easier to install and configure, Assure QuickEDD HA delivers fast, no-lock synchronization that accelerates your time to protection. Real-time replication, synchronization audits and customizable switch procedures can be managed through 5250 screens or a graphical interface offering support for seven languages.

Key Features

Fast, Efficient Real-Time Replication

Complete HA/DR Protection

How It Works

Assure QuickEDD HA replicates a wide variety of objects, including database objects, IFS, system values, user profiles, spool files, job queues, job scheduler and more from a production server to a backup server that stands ready to assume the production role. Synchronous replication built on IBM i local journaling assures data integrity. Replication is supported between different hardware, storage, and IBM i operating systems, whether the servers are in the same data center or across the globe.
One-to-one, one-to-many, many- to-one, bi-directional, daisy-chain, broadcast and single- system replication configurations are supported, and configurations can expand to multi-node environments. Replicated data on the backup server is validated to ensure it remains in sync with the production server through scheduled audits, on-demand audits, and continuous monitoring. Out-of-sync conditions are automatically and efficiently repaired without being placed on hold.
Assure QuickEDD HA provides both 5250 and graphical user interface options, with support for seven languages within the GUI. Status is reported to a graphical enterprise monitoring dashboard along with Assure MIMIX and Assure Security products. Alerts can also be configured through email, MSGQ and SNMP, with a plug-in for Nagios.
In the event of a planned or unplanned outage, customizable, built-in switch procedures can be run step- by-step, interactively or in batch mode. Tools are also shipped with Assure QuickEDD HA to support functions such as analysis, monitoring, and specific configuration scenarios.

System Requirements