BCS Reorg While Active (BCS-RWA)

Effortless IBM i Management Comes to Life with BCS-RWA

In the fast-paced world of IBM i system administration, the BCS Group introduces a lifeline – the BCS-RWA software, crafted to streamline your operations and alleviate the complexities typically associated with dynamic IBM i environments. Recognizing the critical need for enhanced storage and performance management, BCS-RWA emerges as an indispensable tool for every system administrator. Its innovative “REORG While Active” feature redefines maintenance by allowing the reorganization of IBM i files without compromising access or locking records during the process.

Get Your IBM i Space Back

Files that contain deleted records should be reorganized periodically. This frees up wasted space, but more importantly it makes database processing more efficient.

BCS-RWA Benefits:

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BCS-RWA Highlights:
Maximize Efficiency: Free up valuable storage space by scheduling reorganizations almost anytime, ensuring minimal disruption.
Flexible Scheduling: Gain unparalleled control over reorganization schedules, whether incrementally or at convenient times, keeping your system optimized without hindering active users.
Adaptive Throttling: Adjust processing speeds effortlessly – increase to expedite tasks or decrease to conserve resources, according to your current needs.
Dynamic Control: With real-time or scheduled Stop and Restart capabilities, BCS-RWA adapts fluidly to your operational demands.
Optimized for Recovery: Not only does it help in reclaiming deleted spaces, but it also assists in efficient access path maintenance, ensuring your system remains streamlined and responsive.
Unlock the full potential of your IBM i environment with BCS-RWA, where performance meets convenience, delivering a stress-free management experience.