OpCon for IBM i

Automate across your enterprise from a single point-of-control with the automation platform, OpCon

IBM i and OpCon – Ready for Business

The automation platform, OpCon, is much more than a Scheduler or Event Monitor for IBM i.  With OpCon you now have the advantage of modernizing your IBM i management and operational capability more than ever before.

BCS Group can help you deploy OpCon to bring several new dimensions into your organization such as world-class automation, robotic process automation (RPA), and integration with systems all with a single control interface. You get full message management, dynamic variables, multi-step job scripting, Operator Replay and much more. For example, Operator Replay capability is used to record and playback actions. Manual activities such as entering orders or triggering day-end processing from a menu can be automated easily in OpCon just as if the operator had executed it. With real-time adaptation using variables, OpCon imitates manual tasks which can be embedded in any OpCon workflow simply and quickly.

OpCon IBM i Environment Benefits:
  • Monitoring with recovery action
  • Job scheduling and tracking
  • Watch and take-action on jobs stuck with MSGW
  • View IBM i output job logs
  • Automated report scanning
  • Operator reply, interact with green screens, action and logging
  • Create event driven workflows
  • Manage spool files; route to multiple users
  • Passwords encrypted
  • Dynamic handling of multiple environments
  • File transfer automation
  • Restricted mode automation
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
Beyond Automation:

With OpCon you also have the advanced capability to expand and share automation cross-platform with different operating systems. You can integrate workflows and dependencies together in a single, universal control interface, with OpCon you now have the ability to manage even the most complex IT environments.

OpCon workflows and process automation will integrate tasks across all your applications and servers. Let BCS Group help you go beyond automation today.

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