DASD-Plus for IBM i

Advanced Disk Management, Utilization and Administration for the IBM i

DASD-Plus brings automation to daily administration for the IBM i disk and storage environment. 
No more worries regarding storage utilization, performance and disk allocation. 
DASD-Plus is the administrative tool needed to plan, forecast and predict storage capacity usage within any IBM i environment.

It is easy to configure and set up threshold indicators. These indicators can be used to easily identify disk consumption based on threshold and the jobs, objects and users responsible. Immediate action can be taken to preserve valuable disk resources.

The intelligent way to manage Disk Storage Space

Disk is expensive. As demand grows for archives of historical data, content, images, video, audio, etc. more and more storage is needed. Why leave things to chance and gamble? What happens if you run out of space?

DASD-Plus brings intelligence to your disk utilization and management.
Gain needed insight into your system.
Modernize Disk management to eliminate unneeded data. 
Automate tedious system administrative functions.

Notable Benefits

  • Remove Spool Files
  • Clear Job Queues
  • Clear History Logs
  • Clear Journals
  • Reorganize
  • Reclaim Disk Space
  • Compress/Expand
  • IFS Clean Up
  • Monitor across multiple ASPs
  • and more

Analyze:  Library, Object, Directory, File, User, Group, or custom criteria

Survey:   Analysis, Variance, Trend

Create:   Reports, Graphs, Disk Usage Forecasts

Reporting Features include: 

Consumption by Job: Identify jobs depleting disk space. The jobs that exceed threshold values, can be quickly identified so immediate action can be taken.

Identification of Objects: Identify objects that are growing and consuming disk space. The object name and type are shown to assist in determining root cause of disk consumption.

User Profile Storage: Top consumers of disk storage are identified. The users, which have shown increased storage from the last collection session, are identified so that appropriate actions can be taken.

Job Temporary Storage: Lists the top jobs that are consuming temporary storage. These jobs can be easily monitored.

IFS Storage Increase: Details the change in disk consumption by user, object and type in the IFS. The object name and path where the object is located are listed for easy access. 

Additionally, if you have an IBM i HA/DR (High Availability / Disaster Recovery) environment, DASD-Plus is the product to manage and maintain disk and storage usage utilization automatically on source and target systems, reducing stress and management complexity so that you can maintain business continuity.  

Why struggle any longer? Get total control and automation of your DASD environment.
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