BCS Group Goes Green

We, at BCS Group, strive to be responsible stewards of our planet in every facet of business. In the beginning it was business-as-usual as we followed the industry standard for service delivery. Unfortunately, this included many hours spent on planes and in cars for our systems engineers as all technical aspects of our work was conducted on site across the western hemisphere. On average we, as a company, were averaging well over two hundred thousand miles of air travel, several thousand miles of car travel, and countless hours wasted waiting in airport terminals and at baggage claim on an annual basis. This amounted to our technical staff alone contributing well over two hundred tons of carbon dioxide every year into our already overburdened atmosphere not to mention the wasted paper involved in printing tickets, itineraries, receipts, contracts, and the inefficiency and waste involved in eating restaurant meals for all three meals per day for most of the year. We were, at the time, offsetting our carbon use through reforestation and sustainable energy projects but we felt a strong need to not only offset what we were producing but to drastically limit our production. It was a problem that needed solving.

Our solution, which has since become a common practice in our industry, is to conduct one hundred percent of our business remotely from the comfort and environmental friendliness of our own homes. Through various publicly available technologies we are able to facilitate improved customer service, a vastly more efficient installation and configuration process, flexibility in our scheduling, and a profoundly carbon positive business structure. We no longer have to board planes, rent cars, or drive back and forth to the airport both at home and on location. In order to further reduce the impact our business has on this world we have adopted a strict policy of using only recycled paper in our various home offices and composting anything that we shred. Our use of paper has been drastically reduced as well now that we use digitally signed paperwork and only print out final contracts as a fail-safe against digital loss.

Our belief in being environmentally responsible extends beyond the idea of just reducing our carbon footprint by limiting our pollution levels, as we are also staunch supporters of various carbon-offset campaigns. We are a sponsoring partner of the Arbor Day Foundation’s Lost Pines Forest Recovery Campaign that seeks to reforest the areas of the Bastrop State Park Lost Pines Forest in Bastrop, Texas lost to fire as well as support local citizens by giving them access to native tree species for planting on private land. Our support of this project alone offsets as much carbon as we produced during our busiest year of travel. Not only is the company, as a whole, supporting these projects but our tireless staff support projects as varied as reforesting the Amazon River Basin in South America and participating in a pilot project to alleviate the effects of climate change by planting hazelnut bushes, to being monthly supporters of the Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club, American Forests, American Rivers, and the National Parks Conservation Association.

Even though we have come a long way in eliminating our negative impact on the environment we feel that there is always more to be done. We plan to continue searching for more efficient and eco-conscious ways of doing business as well as furthering our involvement in campaigns to save our precious planet.