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Job Scheduling for JDE

Rev Scheduler for JDE enables the management of batch jobs/task (end of day, end of month processing) and their dependencies within JD Edwards and other applications, even across multiple hardware platforms.

Rev Scheduler’s time and/or event based batch job processing provides more flexible JDE batch job scheduling, and can also synchronize JD Edwards’ processes with external applications such as BI reporting and EDI tools. Rev Scheduler for JD Edwards allows customers to standardize on one software tool to automate and centrally monitor/manage all batch job processes across any platform.

Supported Operating Systems

Rev Scheduler for JDE runs natively on your existing JDE batch servers



Unix / Linux

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Rev Scheduler for JDE corrects the scheduling limitations imposed on your business by JDE’s internal job scheduler and platform-specific scheduling tools, such as Windows Scheduler and CRON.

Rev Scheduler for JDE job scheduler integration features:

Enables the automation of JD Edwards batch processing (e.g. day/month end) and reporting.

No additional hardware required.

Supports multiple JD Edwards instances and environments.

Provision of multiple, flexible calendars (e.g. 454, 445) to reflect actual business processes.

Ability to change month end dates for all jobs through one easy step.

Provision of event based scheduling as well as traditional time-based submissions.

Elimination of JDE’s cyclical 24/7 jobs, recovering valuable CPU time.

GUI and Web interface for secure, centralized visibility of all scheduling activity.

No limit to number of users or jobs.

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Rev Scheduler for JD Edwards will consolidate JDE and other application jobs/scripts into a single JDE job scheduler tool. In addition to JDE, Rev Scheduler will schedule applications running on Windows, IBM i, AIX, Linux or Unix.

JDE sites use Rev Scheduler to seamlessly manage cross-application batch job/script dependencies, creating a time and/or event based job scheduling process that reflects their actual business process.

Example: use Rev Scheduler for JDE to ensure a Cognos ETL task is triggered only upon successful completion of the daily JDE sales update task. By using Rev Scheduler for JDE to manage the job submission for both applications, BI reports are only generated on the correct data, and no processing time is wasted waiting for jobs that have already finished.

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